Build your own course step by step

You may have decided that you'd like to make your own online course, but apart from that somewhat vague idea, you don´t know yet how it works and which steps you have to take. You will need a clear goal. Not just a dream, but a plan. A vision that gives you direction.

That can be something like:
• more financial freedom
• more satisfaction in your work
• reaching more people
• making your hobby into your work
• more time for what's really important
• having more to offer for your clients
• more joy in your life
• being able to work anywhere in the world
And so on.

A successful online course is an ideal that can give your life a completely new twist. A new future.
But to build on that future you'll have to get to work. The time between now and your beautiful vision is even more important than the ideal itself. Because that determines whether you will reach your goal or not. And it sets the tone, because your joy and excitement reflects on your work.

The magic of building your masterplan

The period that you're building your online course, that you're setting up your marketing, that you're creating content, that you're learning new things and so on, is an important time.
I'm not going to give you advice on this here and now (you can follow me on Insta for tips and inspiration But what I ask of you is that you can see how it all works out. That period. Not just your final goal, but also how you will live and work before you reach that goal.

Can you envision a good and perhaps even special life for yourself while you work on building your business?
Kun je niet alleen je einddoel manifesteren, maar ook de komende tijd en hoe het eruit ziet als je er echt naartoe werkt. De magie van het stap voor stap bouwen aan je masterplan. Van het genieten van elke stap. Van het trots zijn op wat je leert en bereikt.
How you grow, learn and develop yourself.
Every new follower, every video you make, every technique you learn.
You can't skip this phase and it determines your success.

Make this the most wonderful time of your life!
And when it gets even better afterwards, that will be a bonus.