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The online course 'Van Idee tot Eigen Online Training' (In Dutch, English course will be available soon!)

"It's your task to find the courage to get out of your comfortzone and share your story and your wisdom. Show the world who you are and what you have learned. That's your goal in life."

Many people have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, but still they feel as if they have not reached their potential. They feel unsatisfied and know there has to be more than this. Can you recognize that?

Online learning and sharing knowledge are now more available than ever and a lot of people are looking for exactly that what you have to offer. So it's time to take an new direction and embrace the new possibilities. Time to make your gift available to the world and live a life that suits your ideals. Your own online course can play a major role in that.

With our background, experience and curiosity, but also with our own situation and the choices we made, we can take you step by step in a proces to make that dream come true. And not in a salesy over the top American way, but in a down-to-earth Dutch way. Realistic, creative and sometimes with some self-mockery.

Our training (soon available in English) 'van Idee tot online training' takes you on a trip through the world of e-learning and shows you how to create your online course or program in just 90 days. Step by step. In a relaxed way and putting it all together with a lot of fun.

You deserve that transformation from how it is now to a life where you can make your own choices. Choices about how much time you want to spend on work and how much on other things you want to do apart from work.

Now it's your turn!

For freedom seekers, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers and creatives

With an online company you are flexible and can work where and when you want. Start with your first online course and build step by step your own academy.
Forget boring courses, we do it differently...

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