What kind of mindset do you need to successfully build an online business.

A lot of knowledge workers, coaches, creatives and small business owners understand that now is a perfect time time to create an online offer. A possible way to have an extra source of income. To have an alternative to the daily treadmill. To be ably to really help lots of people. To have a business that's more flexible, also when the world around you is changing. Perhaps you want to be able to work remote and travel the world. Or spend more time with family and friends. To make your dreams come true.

An online course or an online academy is a great start. But is it possible? And how?


Met alleen een idee, een plan of een wens kom je er niet. Zelfs niet met een stappenplan of een technisch aanbod. Want de kennis zit in jou en jij moet het hele verhaal ombouwen naar een online training die loopt als een trein. Ga er maar aan staan! En by the way, geloof niet alle onzin van binnen een week een training online of binnen een maand iets met 6 nullen, of 5, of zelfs maar 4.

Creating an online course takes time. And a lot of focused effort. And an invincible MINDSET that will pull you through, no matter what.

Which aspects of such a mindset do you need to finish such a fairly complicated process such as building your online course?

  1. accept uncertainty
    No monthly salary, no set work hours, no paid assignments while your working on your course. You have become your own client and you'll have to invest before getting paid. And you don't know if you'll get paid and how much and when.
    Can you handle that? Have you saved some money so you can survive for a while? Or do you combine it with paid work and accept that you'll go slower?
    Do you have the courage to trust yourself and your capacities fully?
  2. Embrace mistakes
    It's inevitable that a lot of things will go differently than you have in mind. And that everything will have to be turned around several times because your insights change. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. And you learn from your mistakes. Sounds easy, but the fear for mistakes deeply rooted and really 'embracing' it goes further than just accepting it because there is no other option.
  3. Live your deepest values
    You can blame just about anyone that it didn't feel good up to now and that it doesn't align with who you actually are, but in the end it comes to the point that you put your deepest values aside for lesser values. Perhaps even other people's values.
    Think about what your true values are and what you are willing to do to express those..
  4. Out of the box ACTION
    We all know the principle of Thinking out of the Box. But can you also apply that on TAKING ACTION? Can you do what you haven't done before? Can you do what makes you feel uncomfortable? Can you do things of which you have no idea what it will lead to and if it will ever work out? Can you make the transition from dreaming andhoping to taking action? Are you brave enough?
  5. 'What if you don't do it?'
    Alright, everything mentioned above is not immediately making you exited, I understand. But do you have a choice? What if you listen to that inner voice of feeling insecure and being afraid to make mistakes? What if you feel embarrassed about your deepest values or you doubt if anyone will be interested in them. And what if you detest doing things without knowing exactly how to do them. So you decide not to do it. Then what?
  6. Self-criticism vs. self-compassion
    Yes yes, you want it and you will do it one day, but there's that little voice in your head. That annoying little voice that keeps telling you that it's a lot safer to stick with what you already know. And that voice will also tell you that you can't do it. We all have that voice in our head.
    Don't be so hard on yourself! Look at all the things you have achieved and how far you've come. Look at yourself with love and understanding and coach yourself gently. There is no need for all this inner criticism.
  7. Beat your addictions
    Working online does not mean gaming, social media scrolling, texting, news and so on. But unfortunately for us, the people that work online or digital, these things are on the same devices we use for work. And before you know it, you´ll get distracted and it takes up so much time that you should have used for actual work. Super tricky, because you still have to stay in touch with people and you´ll have to create content for social media and literrally work within those social media platforms.
    Be honest with yourself and stay alert. There is a difference between recreation and work.
  8. Be like Rocky!
    "Because if you're willing to go through all the battling you got to go through to get where you want to get, who's got the right to stop you? I mean maybe some of you guys got something you never finished, something you really want to do, something you never said to someone, something… and you’re told no, even after you paid your dues? Who’s got the right to tell you that, who? Nobody! It’s your right to listen to your gut, it ain’t nobody’s right to say no after you earned the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do!”
    Rocky balboa never gave up, and that's why he was successful.

Every one of these mindset aspects is important and big enough to write a book about. But in the end it's a matter to JUST DO IT. Every single day.

Be brave